The reinvigorated Duke Real Estate Club provides its members with an exciting opportunity to learn about the vast real estate industry and establish connections through networking opportunities. The club hopes to elevate student interest in real estate as a profession.

Currently, industries such as consulting and investment banking tend to dominate campus-recruiting efforts. The Duke Real Estate Club, however, will work with the career center and local industry leaders to revamp recruitment and networking. Real estate is a fascinating and versatile industry that ought to be carefully considered by Duke undergraduates of all classes.

The club plans to host guest speakers, internship workshops, and professionally led discussions. Through a variety of events, the Duke Real Estate Club simultaneously aims to educate the student body and establish connections between industry professionals and club members. Some specific areas of club focus include (but are certainly not limited to) commercial rentals, sustainability, entrepreneurial investing, and promising residential markets. Duke Real Estate Club strives for a local focus with a national perspective.


The Duke Real Estate Club currently has applications open for the Analyst Program for theSpring and Fall 2016 semesters. The Analyst position is open to all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The position entails market research and presentations, real estate development competitions, exclusive networking opportunities, preferred Executive Board consideration, and more. The application for these positions is available through the link below and will close in February of 2016.

Application link