What We Offer

Panel Discussions

Over the coming months we will be hosting panel discussions with various key players in the real estate industry. Students will be invited to listen to the panel discuss their experiences in the Real Estate sector and ongoing projects that they are involved in. Panel discussions are followed by an hour reception.

Speaker Series

Individual guest speakers will be invited to discuss current market trends and detail their story thus far in the field of Real Estate. Students are encouraged to engage in the proceeding Q and A session and certain members will be selected to attend an evening meal where they can ask any further questions they may have for the speaker.


We are continuing to grow our network of Duke alumni and local real estate players to connect students with industry leaders. To join our LinkedIn group, please click here.


Workshops will be held to address different skills and areas of knowledge that will be required for students looking to break into the Real Estate industry.

Internship Directory

We are currently in the process of creating an internship directory that will more readily connect members of the Duke Real Estate Club to available summer internship programs and full time positions within the Real Estate sector.

Upcoming Events

Members of the club will be regularly updated on upcoming events on campus and in the local area that pertain to the Real Estate industry.